Welcome to The Purdyful McPurdy Legacy! If the title didn’t give it away for you this is a prettacy Legacy challenge. I will be following all of the Legacy challenge rules with a few additional that I have imposed on myself.

 In this prettacy I am letting go of those reigns and letting my sims choose their own destiny which is something I do not usually do.  I am not making this a wishacy and they will not be left to free will but wishes will be locked in and fulfilled as soon as I can reasonably tend to it. The only time a wish may not be filled is if all 4 slots are already full. The exception to this is if the wish is rolled and the points are higher than another locked wish I can choose to delete a locked wish and replace it with the wish worth higher points. My reasoning is if the points are higher than my sim wants that wish more making it more important.

If a midlife crisis happens and my perfect marriage goes down the drain with divorce or cheating wants then so be it, it will be very interesting to see what happens when my sims tell me what they are going to do!

All traits will be random and I am not allowing myself to pick any traits for my sims unless a parent has a wish for a certain trait and I have the option to choose. All traits for my foundress are also random as is the LTW. There are so many of those I stay away from trying out so this is my way of forcing myself to branch out and try more of what the game has to offer. If a child rolls a LTW wish I must lock in the 1st one that comes up, even if I hate it.

I will do my best to fulfill any LTW’s but I can’t promise that I will actually succeed. I also plan to try out the skill challenges and other random bits in the game that I don’t usually bother with. There is so much to the Sims 3 I haven’t even explored and I have been playing since the first day it was released so this is my chance to step out of the box and my own personal comfort zone while you all laugh at how badly I will probably fail. For example, I have owned World Adventures for well over a year and to date not one of my sims has gone on vacation. I know, Epic fail! In this Legacy I promise you vacations will be had, at least once the funds are there.

This brings me to opportunities. The McPurdy’s must accept any opportunity thrown their way. The only acception that I am allowing is those pop ups to bring paintings and such to foreign countries very early in the Legacy because they won’t have the needed funds to travel at first.

Children born into the Legacy will be named randomly off the People’s list of the top 100 most beautiful people. By randomly I mean I have printed the list and will close my eyes and whatever name I point to it shall be!

I feel that it is less challenging  when a pretty child is born straight away in generation 1 and they take the reins, unless some throwback genetics rear their ugly head later on. For this reason, at least early in the Legacy the prettiest may not always become the heir/heiress. It may be chosen based on the ugliest child for a couple of generations just to add some additional challenge. This may not even be an issue, who knows I may get all hideous sims to start with anyway! There will be other times that I will put up heir polls on here and Boolprop.com  

 Now that we have all of the specifics out of the way head on over to chapter 1 and watch Foundress Moche’ McPurdy get this party started! For those wondering Moche’ is not on the most beautiful people list, she’s the foundress so she gets ummmm special treatment. It’s French, for not beautimous to put it nicely.


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